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Hello, I'm Cetan.

I have been doing music for quite some time. 

Hopefully you find something that you enjoy in the music - not just ours, but anyone who makes music. As a band we have done some really cool things such as played all over the US and in the UK. We got a song on Rock Band and played SXSW. I also achieved my lifelong dream of making an EP with SRV drummer Chris Layton. I have released 3 albums and have more to come.

I would like to thank my dad for always encouraging me to do my best, and to listen to my heart in all things.

This path has led me very well through life's journey. 

I think my vision of success and happiness in life is a bit different from some others. To me, I am happiest when doing simple but important things, like spending time with family, with my cats, reading a book, taking a walk and thinking about life. Always spend time with those who matter to you. One day when I cross over to the 5th dimension I hope me and my assigned angel will look back proudly at everything we and my family accomplished and all the times we enjoyed together.